Telos die Stadt mit 1,6 Millionen Einwohner im Mount Shasta Kalifornien – Berichte dazu

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Mount Shasta

mount shasta

Message from Adama, High Priest of Telos.

This is Adama, High Priest of Telos,

and representing all Inner Earth People who join in this and many groups efforts of Divine Light toward our Beloved Gaia.

It is my pleasure communicating with Zadun, who stood with me as priest in Lemuria, who is now Johan, and who remembered the healing energies and the use of Noni, what was brought with us to earth long time ago and still known as a Polynesian Healing Fruit.

Finally we get to work together again and more who join in this great work of Divine Light with Source through CMAton, stem from the Golden Age of Lemuria and are incarnated now at the moment of great progress for Gaia towards her own leap of Ascension.

As Surface and Inner Earth People all stand together as occupants of the same sacred globe, so do…

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AnNijaTbé meint, es gehören immer zwei zusammen wie Wahrheit und Frieden ohne Wahrheit kein Frieden ohne Frieden keine Wahrheit ... dass NEUES entstehen kann

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